Saturday, September 1, 2007

Arrival in China!

Kari and I arrived safe and sound in China. We are located in the heart of Shanghai, but have yet to see much beyond our hotel. We spent all day yesterday (Saturday) in technical meetings. Today, we spent our first day at one of the universities on the field training. The weather has been overcast and humid, but relatively moderate temperatures.

We are having some technical difficulties with the BLOG, but hopefully we will be able to solve that problem shortly.

Stay tuned!


Charles said...

Good Luck in China... Hope you have a good tournament and can post some cool pictures.

Tom Castro
Round Rock, Tx.

arosu said...

Looking forward to see you in the final, ladies! Good luck and do not get hurt or tired.

Crystal said...

Kari and Glen - have a great time! Can't wait for the photos and to see some great soccer and reffing from China!

Crystal Dykstra, San Mateo, CA

rogerw said...

Hey Jen,

Glad all is going well. No surprize you girls aced the fitness tests!! Try to bring one of the masseuses home with you if you can...

I'll be looking out for your games - can't wait.

Good luck -

Roger - Pleasenton CA

Diana said...

Hey Jen, sounds like lots-0-fun. ahhh, a massage anytime you'd like. You're never gonna come home. :-)

Congrats on the fitness test, not that there was ever any doubt.

BTW not missing much over here, just a bunch of smoke from all of the wild fires.

Looking forward to your next post.

Juanito said...

Hi Kari,

Good luck and have a great time. I'll be rooting for your first red card! j.k.
Can't wait for the games.

sandy said...

Good Morning! Your pictures are fantastic. Sounds like all is going well so far.

Bandit said...

What a fabulous opportunity for you all to shine ... be bright, be bold and enjoy every moment!

Krish said...

Hey Jen,

Good Luck for the your first game tomorrow. Will be watching.....

Seems like your having fun.


Maloo said...

Hey Jen
it sounds like you having a great time, the pics of china are brilliant
cant wait to see more

Macka said...

Jen - I love the photos, I can't wait for the China v Brazil match.

Best of luck to you, everyone at the Macka houshold misses and wishes you the best.

Quote of the day: "Don't you want a piece of the glory? See what it tastes like?!?!" - Nacho Libre

rogerw said...

Hey Jen,

The alarm is set - Brazil v China!!I'd wish you luck but you don't need it. Have a great game and enjoy it.

Masseuses whenever you need them and ping-pong tables - you are really getting spoilt. If you said they had an open bar I'd be booking my tickets!!!

Keep the photo's coming.

Santos Callejas (elpajaro) said...

Hi ladies,
I am so proud to see two Californians in the W.W.C.
I was assigned to referee UOP vs. Berkeley, last Sunday and I felt like I was in the WC. I can imagine the feeling being there. Have a great time, and all ways try your best.

Santos Callejas (The Realtor)

alps said...

Hi,I'm a Chinese fan of WWC. I spent much time finding here and it's amazing to communicate with two ladies in this way:)I shall say Ms.Bennett was very impressive when officating the match between China and Brazil despite the disastrous result. One can never imagine how many people especially Chinese were keeping a close eye on that game. You did a good job, Jen. And Chinese media even thinks our team was not favored by the referees in this Cup. I've also noticed Jen worked as the fourth official in the 1/4 final and I think our coach Domanski's overreaction was understandable cos she was too devoted to the game as well as our team. I wonder did you speak Swedish language your learned somewhere before to warn her to stay calm, Jen?

The final show will be put on this Sunday in my hometown and there is a slim chance we can meet in the stadium. Not sure about it yet. Anyway, plz enjoy every minute in Shanghai and leave your best memories here.


alps said...

Hey,it's my second time to leave comments here.The final yesterday was fantastic and Germany team deserves the championship. It's a pity I didn't see you two ladies in the vip/vvip access area where I worked(maybe I saw Kari). Are you going to go back soon? I strongly suggest you staying with us to celebrate our National Day and enjoy the special olympics games beginning from Oct,2. Anyway, I appreciate the fair and fascinating matches you've brought to us very much.Jen is extremely impressive. Welcome back to Shanghai! Hope to hear from you soon.

Chinese fan