Sunday, August 26, 2007

Thursday August 30th, Kari & Jen embark on their adventure to China for the Women's World Cup 2007. All the preparations are in place: Fitness tests taken, matches analyzed, bags packed. We are ready!

FAQ #1

Q: Which games are you refereeing?

A: Matches are assigned 1 or 2 days in advance. When we get the word on our assignments, you'll be the first to know. Check this blog often for the latest news on assignments and then click the link below for the television schedule.


4dors said...

Good luck to you both. How is the weather overthere? Humid?
Philippe (CAN)

msanders said...

Good luck guys. We'll be following along back here. I took the opportunity of updating the Wikipedia page for the event. Could you believe there wasn't any mention of the Referees? ;-)

Plus here's another few words of support from Grey San Francisco.

kermie said...

so kari have you had any good desserts like coos coosks???

kermie said...

good job the other day Jen keep up the great work