Monday, September 17, 2007

3rd Round Assignments

On Saturday, assignments for matches 17-20 were announced and on Sunday, the assignments for matches 21-24 were announced. Good news for the US. Kari will be refereeing Brazil vs Denmark on Wednesday, 19 Sept in Hangzhou at 8pm. Kari will be working with Isabel and Rita (Mex) once again and Adriana (Col). Jen will be refereeing Norway vs Ghana on Wednesday, 19 Sept in Shanghai at 5pm. Jen is teamed up with Corinne and Karine (Fra) and Estela (Arg). We are both eager for our next matches. Kari will be traveling to Hangzhou via train tomorrow afternoon.

Kari received a picture from her first match from the local organizing committee which we wanted to share with you.