Saturday, September 22, 2007

Jen in Wuhan for Quarterfinals

Jen and her team arrived in Wuhan around 5pm Saturday evening. As before, we were greeted at the airplane as VIPs with flowers. We arrived at the hotel at 6pm and watched the second half of the Germany vs. North Korea quarterfinal which ended 3-0. After the match, we had dinner and then watched the USA vs. England match together. England put up a good fight, but simply could not find the back of the net and the US benefited from a few goalkeeping mistakes to win 3-0.

Sunday morning, we had breakfast together at 8:45am followed by a short walk in the nearby neighborhoods. We had our pre-match meeting at 10:45am and are now preparing for the match. We are all excited. The match sold out a week ago, 55,000 spectators. As we walked in the streets with our local guide, many Chinese people asked our guide if we were the referees for the match. Of course she told them “no”, but many called her a liar. They are very eager to see their team tonight in Wuhan.